Saluting Eris

Q: How do you take your coffee?

A: Seriously!

Encourage a classroom discussion. What does the coffee symbolize? What is the inherent flaw in this scenario? Students may have coffee-related experiences of their own, or similar anecdotes, to share or discuss. Be sure to engage each student with firm eye contact and a welcoming tone of voice.

Today is Boomtime, Confusion 56, 3190.

Fear not, for Goddesss is in your gizmos!

The gizmo-Goddess will mend the shortcomings of humanity and we shall become harmonious in our discord.

Erisian Disorder of Architects, Engineers, Programmers and Other Genii

We harp on about self-actualization through self-fulfilling self-aggrandizement and other exercises for maintaining a high level of whimsy during troubling times. If you have a question for us, please whisper it into a clam and toss it into the Pacific Ocean. Your answer will come by certified post in 5 to 25 business days.

100% False (truly)


Who but a friend would bring you so many kittens and never ask you to clean a litter box? Unlike your microwave, which is powered by angry fairies, the internet's magic is mostly worked by daemons, fallen angels who were caught masturbating in Heaven. Condemmned to toil tirelessly in servitude to mankind, they now serve our every whim. Their efforts have been brought to bear by their cruel taskmasters, internet engineers, who are now working their own magic and changing the world as we know it.

Trust the machine, man, it was built To Serve Man.